Giovanni Pizza - My delivery was late and food was not warm

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I ordered delivery and it was late by almost two hours. This has been my second email now since i cant get through to customer service.

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Giovanni Pizza - Cold pizza and bugs in the pasta

Russellville, Arkansas 1 comment
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Update by user Dec 10, 2011

my neighbor ordered a hoagie from giovanni pizza and she found a turd in it she is at the hospital now with upset stomace

Original review posted by user Dec 10, 2011

hi giovanni delivered me a infested plate of pasta dead bugs be aware of them they are very dirty and very mean when the costomer complains it is the giovanni pizza and pasta on 6 street in downtown pittsburgh pa the owner drives a white car when he delivers and when i asked them for my money back they said no that they will bring a new order but how can you eat a new pizza from the same people whom delivered the first bug infessted order they just turned my stomace because they serve many people in pittsburgh bugs

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I would perhaps spend more time on your language and spelling skills then chowing down on crappy pizza.

Giovanni Pizza - Delivered me a pizza that had mice droping under the cheese

Russellville, Arkansas 1 comment
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they delivered me a bad pizza and when i complained they brought me a worst pizza the owner is giovanni he doesnt agree on complaint if you complaint on giovanni will prank you and they have been in buesiness for many years and they dont like a person who insults the way they cook even if they prank your food please be aware of giovanni pizza and pasta they have a resteraunt in almost every state but the one in pittsburgh pa on 6 street is very bad in my opinion because they prank people and film it when done



i lied and i actually never heard of giovannis because i cant afford to eat there.

Giovanni pizza bad pranks

Russellville, Arkansas 1 comment
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i ordered a pizza from giovanni pizza and pasta and i found mice droppings under my cheese and when i complained they yelled at me and they didnt take it serious. they are well known so they are trusted but they got investegated before for doing pranks and filming the pranks this is the second time they brang me a bad pizza and i will not order from them again so please be aware im not telling you not to order from them im saying please check your pizza and pasta before you eat it thank you and goodluck j

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This story is bogus. How old are you 5? Does your parents know you're on the internet?

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